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Discover the affiliation system
Discover the affiliation system

Benefit from sharing you personal promotion code

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  • Tell your friends and family about October and receive a bonus

  • Use your bonus to diversify your portfolio and minimise your risk

  • Our most active referrers will benefit of loyalty advantages

What is the affiliation system?

When you register on October, you get a unique promotion code to recommend your friends, family and acquaintances to use the platform and get a bonus to lend on October. This promotion code is available from the tab Invite a friend of your October account. If you share your code around you, you become a "referrer" and can view the list of people you have invited with your code along with your sponsorship configuration on the Referral page of your portfolio.

How does the promotion code work?

If you (the "Referrer") share your code with an acquaintance (the "Referee"), both of you will receive a €20 bonus if the Referee opens an October account with your promotion code and lend €500 (or €200 if you benefitted from loyalty advantages). This bonus can be used for the next projects of your choice.

The promotion code needs to be entered during the registration by clicking on "Yes" next to the question “Have you been invited with a referral code?” and writing the code in the space provided. Note: if you do not enter the code during registration, you will not be able to enter it later and you won’t benefit from the bonus.

Conditions of use

This affiliation plan will apply and the bonuses will be triggered if:

  • The October accounts of both the Referrer and the Referee have been successfully verified by the October team,

  • The October account of the Referee was opened with the Referrer’s code,

  • The Referee has lent a total amount of €500 (or €200, according to the Referrer’s plan) to projects submitted in October. The Referee can either lend the full amount to one project or split it between several projects.

Also, please note that:

  • The bonus will be received once the projects you have invested in have completed their funding. This may take a few days, as it is subject to the funding deadline for those projects.

  • The bonus must be invested on October projects.

What are the advantages?

  1. As a referrer: be rewarded for recommending October and for your loyalty. For each new lender that you bring, you can earn a bonus. These bonuses can help you increase the size of your portfolio and build a more diversified and well-balanced portfolio. To achieve a truly stable portfolio, we think that your portfolio should contain at least 100 projects.

    And there is more: our most active lenders will also benefit from a loyalty advantage. As soon as they reach 50 loans in their portfolio, they will be offered an advanced affiliation plan: their referees will only have to invest a total amount of €200 (instead of €500) for them to get a €20 bonus.

  2. As a referee: be rewarded for your first investments! Our goal is not to make you lend more money but to ensure your portfolio is well diversified because this is the best way to lower the risk of capital loss. Remember that you diversify by spreading your investment over multiple loans.

What if you are a professional?

Our affiliation system is originally designed for family and friends but it does not mean that we cannot collaborate if you have the opportunity to introduce October to a larger audience. If you reach 200€ in bonus, you will be offered to become a professional partner. If you want to know more about the conditions to become a professional partner, reach out to us on the chat.

Can anyone become a professional partner of October?

If you wish to become a professional partner of October, you can contact us at [email protected].

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