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Lending to companies of different countries

Find out all the similarities and differences of the lending process based on the project country.

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  • The lending process is similar regardless of the origin of a project.

  • Each loan falls under the regulation in the country of origin.

  • You are taxed based on your fiscal residency.

On October, we offer French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German projects. All the projects can be found in the Projects tab and are identified by a flag. The flag corresponds with the origin of the project. 

The lending process is the same for all the projects, regardless of their origin: you analyse them, select the ones you want to finance and decide how much you want to lent. However, there are small regulatory differences between the countries.

Regulation and investment limits

For regulatory reasons, we cannot open German projects to individuals but you can lend to the rest of projects independently of your nationality.

In other countries where crowdlending is permitted, the law provides investment limits to be set by the platforms in order to protect individuals from investing amounts that could jeopardize their economic situation in case of capital loss.

The crowdlending regulation is slightly difference between France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, which results in different investment limits. 

Finally, when you lend to a French, Spanish, Italian or Dutch company, you will sign a loan contract drawn up in accordance with the French, Spanish, Italian or Dutch law and language respectively. 


You will receive your monthly repayments for French, Spanish, Italian or Dutch projects directly on your October account, between the 15th and the 20th of each month. 


The tax rate we apply to your earnings is based on your tax residency, not on the country of origin of the project you are lending to. 

Geographic diversification

Generally, lenders diversify their portfolio focusing on the following criteria: risk rating, maturity, interest rate and industries. 

Lending to projects from different countries allows for geographic diversification. Through geographic diversification your portfolio is less reliant on the economic trend of a country.  

Recovery management

The recovery management process for French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch companies is identical in its first phase. October takes care of the process but the teams in charge of the recovery change: each local team carries out the recovery in their country

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