October is the #1 crowdlending platform in Continental Europe which enables individuals to lend with interest directly to European Small Medium Enterprises. October's role is to connect lenders looking for investment opportunities and companies in need of financing. 

What can I do with October? 

With October, you can: 

  • Diversify your portfolio: lend from 20€ to French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch companies operating in all the industries,
  • Boost your savings: receive monthly interests for your loans, without any fee but with higher risks, 
  • Help the local economy: support SMEs projects and decide where your money goes. 

Besides, if you download the October mobile app, you will be able to do all the above wherever you are. 

Who uses October? 

There are 3 types of users on October: 

The lenders

On the platform, retail and institutional lenders finance hand in hand the projects selected by October analysts. The October community of lenders is made of retail lenders who invest directly on the platform and public and private institutional investors, among whom the European Investment Fund and the management of October, who invest automatically through an investment fund. A unique investment model

The borrowers

October Lenders over Europe finance French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch SMEs from every sectors with a minimum turnover of 250 000 €, profitable and with enough financial capacity to repay the debt. Borrowers are selected by an experienced Credit teams, operating locally. This is what we call The Europe of Savings

The partners

Financial advisors, accounting firms, M&A boutiques, brokers etc. that help companies structure their financial health. If they have within their client portfolio a company that matches our eligibility criteria they can request for the company directly on October. An 100% online experience. 

What distinguishes October from other crowdlending platforms?

❶ October is 100% free for lenders. 

❷ Your interests and ours are aligned. The management team of October automatically lends to all the companies on the platform.

❸ October is the only platform that enables you to diversify your portfolio across countries

❹ You can lend via your mobile. 

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