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Customise your email subscription preferences
Customise your email subscription preferences

Choose the emails you want to receive

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  • Receive only the information relevant to you

  • Select the emails you want to receive from 6 different categories

  • Change your email subscription preferences at any time

What are the subscription preferences?

So far, you could decide to receive all the October emails or to unsubscribe from all of them. There was no intermediate situation. If you chose to unsubscribe from our emails, you could lose many important information and had no option to choose to receive only the information relevant to you.

From now on, you can customise your email subscription preferences and control the information you want to receive by choosing from the 6 email categories presented below.

If you are subscribed from all the emails at the moment and wish to keep receiving our emails, no need to change anything.

On the contrary, if you are unsubscribed and feel like you could use some of our emails (to be alerted about the new projects or vote on your rescheduled projects maybe), then have a look at the categories and resubscribe to the emails relevant to you. Nothing would made us happier!

How many email categories are they?

These are the 6 categories of messages available:

  • Project launch and reminders: emails alerting of the available and upcoming projects. If you have the October mobile app, you will still receive live notifications,

  • Best practices: tips, recommendations and surveys to start on October and improve your experience along the way,

  • Votes: votes concerning the rescheduling of your loans,

  • Newsletter: the latest news and updates, every other Friday,

  • Announcements: product and corporate announcements,

  • Legal and compliance: announcements regarding legal aspects of your account (verification, tax certificates, etc.).

Note that you have the possibility to unsubscribed from all the categories but you will miss some information that could be of your interest.

Where can you modify your subscription preferences?

You can modify your subscription preferences from each October email and change them whenever you need to.

How to make changes?

  1. Select any of your October emails

  2. Go to tho bottom of the email and click on the button "Unsubscribed from this list"

  3. Check the list with all the email categories

  4. Choose what you want to keep receiving and what you don't and save

  5. Change the preferences at any time by repeating the process

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