October helps companies from around Continental Europe finance their growth in a fast and simple way.

What are the criteria for borrowing on October?

Where do companies need to be registered? Companies eligible for a financing with October need to be registered in one of the following country:

  • France

  • Spain

  • Italy

  • The Netherlands

  • Germany

What type of Industry is eligible?

All types of industries are eligible:

  • Manufacturing industry

  • consulting

  • retail

  • hotels

  • restaurants

  • ...

What type of company formats is eligible?

The following types fo companies are eligible:

  • SA

  • SAS

  • SARL

What type of financial criteria do Companies need to meet?

In order to borrow on October, applicants must meet at least the following conditions:

  • With an annual turnover of more than €250.000

  • And profitable, meaning EBITDA > 0

What is the profile of the October borrower?

How old is the company?

Not only young companies are searching for financing on October. The companies that borrow have between 2 and 78 years of seniority.

  • Convinced by the fast financing proposed by the platform, ViskonGlass, a company founded 15 years ago, chose October in 2018 to finance its growth.

How many employees?

The companies that finance their business on October have from 1 to 1000 employees. They are mostly SMEs: 98% of the companies financed have less than 125 employees.

The turnover

SMEs that borrow on October are consolidated businesses with a median track record of 14 years and 17 employees. Financially speaking, they are fulfilled companies with median turnover and EBITDA of € 3,2M and € 402K respectively. They already have credit lines with their financial entities.

Types of activity

October supports companies in all sectors. 24% of the companies financed are industries and 20% are commercial companies, mainly transport and e-commerce.

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