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What is October
Why do companies borrow on October?
Why do companies borrow on October?

Discover the reason why companies get funding at October.

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Fast financing

Whether it is to fill urgent orders, accelerate the acquisition of a commercial space, businesses may have rapid financing needs. On October, businesses can test their eligibility to a loan directly online and can receive a response within 48 hours. They can then receive their funds in approximately a week.

In addition to the banks

In order to spread risk and ensure their financial independence, companies need to diversify their sources of finance. October proposes additional financing to that provided by banks. This way, companies can reduce their level of dependence on their traditional financial entities.

100% online support and service

We are 100% digital by design and can therefore operate remotely without any problems. Our team accompanies each company in the financing of its project: no delay to get an appointment and no need to travel, everything is online.

No personal guarantees

Banks generally require borrowers to provide guarantees or covenants. At October, our clients do not need to provide personal guarantees. Rather than pledging assets, we prefer to carefully select the projects submitted. We analyse each company's income statements, tax info, debt schedules, cash flows and revenues. Only eligible companies can benefit from financing on our platform.

No associated products or covenants

Unlike most financial entities, which often add a clause in the loan agreement to require the borrower to perform or refrain from performing specific actions, we believe that the company's activity should not be conditioned.

When a company borrows from October, it only gets a loan, it does not need to take on any related products. Nor does it have any covenants (covenants to a contract).

Guarantee of funds

Once accepted and published, the project is funded by individual investors and institutions. This guarantees 100% financing, without risk.

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