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What company information will be disclosed to Lenders
What company information will be disclosed to Lenders

Understand the information shown to lenders in the Project Description, so they can decide to lend easily.

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Once the project has been approved, it is posted on the platform to be previewed for 48 hours so that investors can consult the project before investing. The project description page has 6 elements for lenders to review:

What can investors read once they enter to consult the project?

The key figures

It shows the annual interest rate of the project, the total amount to be financed and the duration of the loan in months. Subsequently, the project's scoring according to the level of risk and the score on the ability to repay, the company's situation and the company's history.

The project

It is explained for which project the company has requested the financing, it can be for hiring, expansion, opening new offices, etc. It also indicates what type of loan it is, whether it is repayable, a flexible bridge or with a grace period.

The company

The activity and history of the company explained briefly.

Company history

The key figures of the last 3 years analysed.

Analyst's opinion

This section includes the opinion of the analyst who analysed the company. This section indicates the key financial ratios for the company to be solvent.

Strengths and areas of surveillance

In this section, the strengths and weaknesses of the company are described

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