How to verify my account

Verify your account in a few clicks and start lending to European SMEs

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  • We check your personal information to build a trusted relationship and prevent illegal activity.

  • You can upload your documents online through PC and mobile app.

  • You have to upload a primary and secondary identity document and a document from your bank.

Why do we need to verify your account?

Before starting lending on our platform, we have to verify that you are who you say you are. Through these checks we aim to build a trusted relationship with you and prevent illegal activity on the platform, after all we are a financial platform and subject to financial laws, including anti money laundering laws.

Protecting your data

The protection of your data is of great importance to us. On our Security page you can read what we do to protect your data. This blog article contains useful tips on what you can do to keep your data secure. The Privacy Policy describes what we do with your data.

How to verify your account? 

You can verify your account from the computer or from your mobile app. 

1. From the computer

After your registration, you automatically lands on the Activity page. To verify your account, click on the green button "Verify your Account" and send us the documents presented below.

2. From the mobile app

The mobile app offers a new user-friendly onboarding experience. Sign up and follow the instructions, you will be guided through all the verification process. 

The mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store and the Play Store of your smartphone. 

What documents do you have to upload? 

These are the 3 documents that you have to submit in order to verify your October account.

❶ A principal proof of identity

Please send us one of the following document:

  • A colour copy of both sides of a valid ID card,

  • A colour copy of a valid passport,

  • A colour copy of both sides of your residence permit.

❷ A second proof of identity

Please send us one of the following document:

  • All the above (different from the document you already uploaded),

  • Driving license, 

  • Recent tax notice, 

  • Family record book (birth certificate, marriage certificate), 

  • Any other document containing the required identification elements: surname, first name, date and place of birth.

❸ A bank statement

Please send us an official bank account statement including the following elements: your name, the IBAN you want to link to your October account (for withdrawals), the bank logo. Your bank account must be from the SEPA zone and use the euro currency. 

➡️ Special cases: 

  • Your bank statement comes from an online bank: online banks are submitted to a deeper verification process, which requires to upload a proof of residency in your name of less than 3 months (ex: invoice from a utility service, a certificate of residence issued by the municipality…

Finalize the verification of your account

After having uploaded your documents, you will have to complete a test about your investment knowledge. Then, the October team will verify your account.

If you get an error message, refresh the page: your session may have expired and you will have to secure it again to continue. 

If you have any questions about the verification process, you can reach out to us on the chat or at [email protected]

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