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What happens to my account in the event of death?
What happens to my account in the event of death?

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In the event of the death of a lender, the account is treated like any other bank account: it belongs to the person who is the heir.

If only one person is an heir, he/she will have to create an October account in his/her name and verify it in order to retrieve past and future repayments as well as the amount available on the deceased's October account.

If several people are entitled to the inheritance, we organize the repayments annually.

We do not do complete repayments of loans that have not matured yet and we cannot in any case communicate account access credentials.

With regard to the management of the succession of an October account, we need the notary's office in charge to contact us by post or e-mail (for Nicolas Check, October, 94 rue de la Victoire 75009 Paris or [email protected] so that we can establish the October assets of the account on the date of death. The notary will then have to send us the death certificate and the testamentary disposition by post or e-mail so that we can organise the transmission.

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