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How to close my October account

Conditions, advice and process.

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If you want to close your October account, you need to send us a request at [email protected].


You can close your October account under two conditions:

  • You do not have any pending loans (all of your reimbursements have been made),

  • You have withdrawn all available balance from your October account.

Remember: you can't withdraw less than 1€ from your October account to your bank account. If you have less than 1€ left, you will need to make a deposit or bank transfer to your October account so that the balance is greater than 1€, and then withdraw the entire balance.

Our advice

We suggest to wait until May of the year following your last repayment before closing your account. Indeed, once your account is deleted, you will no longer have access to your Tax Report, which is useful to file your tax declaration.

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