How can I cancel my loan?

Loan cancellation

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On October things can move pretty fast; with only a few clicks you can lend between €20 and €2,000 to a project. But what if you made a mistake? What if you wanted to lend €100, but accidentally lend €1.000 instead? The answer is simple: if the project is still going, you can cancel your loan. 

The option to cancel your loan is provided directly after accepting the loan agreement, on the project page, through a button. This is only available on desktop not on the mobile app yet. 

To cancel a loan you go to the Transactions page of your Portfolio and press the button “cancel loan” on the loan that you want to cancel. This button is available until the project is closed. 

After canceling a loan it is possible to lend to the same project again (if it is still open to lending), for the same or a different amount. 

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