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Why should I connect my bank account to October?
Why should I connect my bank account to October?

Connect your bank to October to help us analyse your request easier and faster.

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At October we don't like to say no. Sometimes our technology is not able to find all the information we need to give you a positive assessment and a firm offer.

To avoid telling you no, we prefer to ask you to connect your banks to October so that we can analyze your company further. This connection will only allow us to see your accounts and study your ability to repay and therefore allow us to give you a more adequate response to your company.

This does not give October the ability to operate any actions on your bank accounts. It only allows to retrieve, once only, the last three bank statements automatically.

If you do not want to connect your bank account to October, you can submit your bank statements manually.

For more information do not hesitate to refer to our Customer Data Privacy Policy here

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