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In order to monitor the status of your October portfolio, or in other words, to know if repayments are up to date for each project, we have developed a monitoring tool in the portfolio / loans section.

Filter by the project health

You can filter your projects by health status:

  • Live

  • 1 installment late

  • >1 installment late

  • Contract terminated


For each project in default, you just need to click on Follow-up to have access to the history of all our recovery actions. You will be then directed to the Activity page of the project in default. Here is an example ⬇️

All of our updates are organized as follows: 

  • Context, 

  • The reasons of the company current situation,

  • The actions taken by October or the recovery partner and what are the next steps,

  • Date of our next update.

The information contained in the Activity Page of the project in default is available at anytime from your October Account and is only visible to lenders that have lent to the project in default out of confidentiality.  

Timing of the follow-ups

📩 Every time we have a new update on a project in default, the October recovery team updates the Activity page of the project in default which triggers an automatic e-mail sent to you where you will be able to see the update. 

To find out more about October's recovery procedures, you can read this tutorial. You can also have access to our Statistics updated each month.

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